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Graduation Requirements

Students must successfully complete a minimum of 130 credits to graduate, including:

  • Four years (20 credits) of Language Arts.

  • Three years (15 credits) of History: World History, US History I and II.

  • One year (5 credits) of Social Studies, including Geography and Civics.

  • One half year (2.5 credits) of Financial Literacy.

  • Three years (15 credits) of Math, including Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2.

  • Three years (15 credits) of Lab Science, including Biology.

  • Two years (10 credits) of a World Language or pass an exemption test.

  • One year (5 credits) of Fine Arts.

  • Two years (5 credits) of Physical Education/Health (Must complete one year of Physical Education, Health and Safety for each year of enrollment).

  • Four years of Bible/Leadership. (Must complete one year of Bible for each year of enrollment).

  • One year (5 credits) of Public Speaking/Career Education.

  • Remaining credits to be achieved through electives.

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