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NJUCA International Admissions


For more than a decade, NJUCA has welcomed students from various countries and diverse cultures. Recent international students have originated from many world locations, including South Korea, China, Japan, Germany, Laos, Vietnam, South Africa, and Nigeria.


Our international students are fully immersed in the NJUCA student experience with a rigorous and diverse selection of academic pursuits, and involvement in student-run clubs and varsity sports. English Language Learners have frequent opportunities to further develop their English fluency skills. International students, with the goal of refining their skills and elevating their minds, also challenge themselves to become Christian leaders.


All our school teachers and faculty members are caring, friendly, and approachable. Students are well supported as they are encouraged to participate in all facets of school life so that students may learn and experience American culture. After school tutoring and extra ESL help is available for the International student who desires the support to enhance their American experience.




1. Complete and submit the application (international) with the application fee
2. Send your current transcripts and academics records to


After all the steps are complete, there will be a careful review of all the information provided and a decision will be made regarding student admission. 

Admissions Process:
Admissions Fees:

Application Fee: $200

Registration Fee: $400

International Tuition and Boarding:

Contact for current international tuition and fees


Please fill out the inquiry form below if you would like an NJUCA admissions representative to contact you:

Thanks! Message sent.

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