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UCA us nestled on a sprawling 40-acre woodland in central-southern New Jersey.  Surrounded by trees upon trees, the facilities include classrooms, a gymnasium, library, chapel, cafeteria, offices, soccer field, event space, outdoor amphitheater, fire pit, dormitories, and more.  The United Christian Retreat Center also holds retreats for a variety of associations throughout the year.  There is always something to do!  Come take a tour of the school and breathe in the fresh air!

Learning Zones

Classrooms and educational settings are located across several different areas.  Transitioning between classes allows the students to stretch their legs, breathe fresh air, and get the much needed glucose and oxygen needed to the brain for maximum learning.  Connect with us to schedule a tour!


Boarding Students are considered any student that is in regular attendance at the school, does not homeschool, but resides on-campus in the dormitory.  These students participate in all their classes, clubs, athletics, and events as well as use of the dormitory, cafeteria, and common areas (common areas are inside the dormitory as well as outside in different areas for the students enjoyment).  Students may be offered single rooms or shared rooms and includes all the amenities along with shared bathrooms.  Rooms are furnished with a twin loft bed, desk, chair, valet dresser, long clothes dresser, hanging clothes rack with shelves, lamps, extension cords, bean bag chair, carpet, curtains, and bedding.  Each floor has a resident dorm parent that lives on site at all times along with the Dorm Coordinator. Three (3) meals per day are provided by the on-site chef in the cafeteria and by dorm parents.  Snacks and off-hour eating are available at the dorm kitchenettes.  There is also a full kitchen and personal food storage areas along with a covered deck with outdoor seating, hammock swings, and grills for cooking up great food.  Regular shopping trips, travel activities, and outings to the local Six Flags of America are regularly scheduled.  Wi-Fi is available throughout the whole campus.

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