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Student life at UCA is diverse and relevant to developing the whole person of each student.  We want all of our graduates to be well-rounded academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  UCA offers a variety of clubs, sports, outings, and activities to achieve these attributes.  

Clubs & Activities

S.W.A.T. (Spiritual Worship And Teaching)

Student Government

Christmas Shoebox 

Musical Theater




Student Government

Student Government consists of officers and student representatives. Together, the members plan and execute events that celebrate and engage the school with activities to develop and strengthen respect, trust, and kindness within the student body. Through this, students are able to give glory to God by promoting unity and fellowship between students faculty. 

Activities Hosted By

Student Government & SWAT:

  • Spirit Week
    Special activities are planned to strengthen school spirit.

  • Christmas Week
    Students take part in fun days throughout the lead-up to Christmas vacation.

  • Unity Assembly
    NJUCA unites to spark each other's spirits to lift up the Lord as one.


Current Sports Programs:


Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, Track 



Soccer, Cross Country, Basketball, Track

UCA is a member of the Penn-Jersey League consisting of other independent schools in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


The athletic program at UCA provides opportunities for our students at every grade and ability level to fully participate on a team.  At UCA, our athletes and coaches use the athletic field to serve as examples to make an impact for Christ through sports. Student-athletes develop leadership skills such as discipline, teamwork, commitment and servitude that reflect the principles of the Bible.


UCA not only educates through a Biblical view, but also leads students in weekly Chapel and daily devotionals.  We believe every Christian should know the Word of God, worship together as a community, pray over each other and the school, and devote time to learning together in small groups.


Types of Students

Day Students

Day Students are considered any student that is in regular attendance at the school, does not homeschool, or is not a boarder.  These students participate in all their classes, clubs, athletics, and events.

Hybrid Students

Hybrid Students are considered any student that is homeschooled, is not a boarder, is not full-time but may attend select classes, and may participate in various clubs, athletics, and events.  UCA is proud to partner with local homeschool associations to support homeschoolers in becoming socially well-rounded.

Boarding Students

Boarding Students are considered any student that is in regular attendance at the school, does not homeschool, but resides on-campus in the dormitory.  These students participate in all their classes, clubs, athletics, and events as well as use of the dormitory, cafeteria, and common areas (common areas are inside the dormitory as well as outside in different areas for the students enjoyment).  Students may be offered single rooms or shared rooms and includes all the amenities along with shared bathrooms.  Rooms are furnished with a twin loft bed, desk, chair, valet dresser, long clothes dresser, hanging clothes rack with shelves, lamps, extension cords, bean bag chair, carpet, curtains, and bedding.  Each floor has a resident dorm parent that lives on site at all times along with the Dorm Coordinator. Three (3) meals per day are provided by the on-site chef in the cafeteria and by dorm parents.  Snacks and off-hour eating are available at the dorm kitchenettes.  There is also a full kitchen and personal food storage areas along with a covered deck with outdoor seating, hammock swings, and grills for cooking up great food.  Regular shopping trips, travel activities, and outings to the local Six Flags of America are regularly scheduled.  Wi-Fi is available throughout the whole campus.

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